Sunday, December 30, 2007

Engaged in Paris... part 2!

Remember a short time ago when I wrote a blog about Mere and me going to Paris and that we were wanting to photograph couples while there? Well, shortly after that post, Mitch (from Minnesota) found out about it and had been planning to propose to girlfriend Maggie. He contacted me and we secretly made plans to photograph the engagement and then have an engagement shoot the following day.
Anyway, Meredith and I had the wonderful honor yesterday and today of photographing Maggie and Mitch in Paris. Even though we have a ton of pictures to sort through, I wanted to make sure to put some up on the blog as soon as possible. As soon as Meredith and I go through the rest, we'll add more (the are many, MANY amazing images!).
Happy New Years Eve!

She was so surprised!!

One of our amazing engagement images!

Monday, December 24, 2007

13 months of Giving...

So, globally speaking, this is the biggest post of 2007. It has to do with giving. Earlier this month, I made a commitment to give, give, give in 2008. However, I started early with the Salvation Army angels. Meredith and I (with her sister's help) chose some children to buy presents for. Meredith bought outfits for the kids and I bought a bike. I remember getting a bike for Christmas - still one of my all-time favorite presents - so I was happy to give one to a deserving boy.

Below is a picture of Ellie giving a $900 check to the Salvation Army (on behalf of Wal-Mart). The whole way there we discussed the importance of giving to those who have less than us, and I really think Ellie got the gist of the message.

So, check this out... I'm looking for creative ways to give this year. Whether it be monetary giving, time giving, talent giving (taking pictures)... I want to look back at this upcoming year and be proud to know that I made a difference.

Please send me ideas for ways to give this year. I don't know how big or how small I'm going to be able to give, but I'm inspired to give as much as I can. So help me out. Either post it to this blog or email me at

And feel free to spread the word - who knows, maybe you'll tell someone who has the perfect way for me to give!

Wishing you a happy Christmas!

Elizabeth loves presents...

Ellie, Mere, and I opened some presents Thursday night (We're also opening presents twice on Christmas Eve, one at each grandma's house). Halfway through, we talked about the true meaning of Christmas and sang a couple Christmas songs. It was a sweet time for sure! Afterward, we baked cookies and cupcakes (with Ellie's magic cool-bake oven)and put on a few holiday pounds.
The next day, we went to Grandpa's where Ellie opened (and then I constructed) the Talking Princess Kitchen. So far, Ellie's hit the jackpot of Christmas presents!

Mario and Angela's engagement website...

One of the drawbacks of being so busy is that it's hard to catch a breather and get caught up on the fun stuff... like blogging about websites! Here is a website that I did a few weeks ago of Mario and Angela, one of my next-summer wedding couples. It was a dreary day, but made for some GREAT photos! One of my favorites is below. To see more, click the link: here

BP welcomes Lauren...

Hey everybody!
This is a pretty exciting time for Benfield Photography! This past year, we've grown so much because of your support, and 2008 is going to be bigger than ever before! Because I've worked my fingers to the bone and brain to the max, Mere and I decided it was time to bring on some more workers to help with the workload. Insert Lauren.

Lauren has been "in training" for years now... ha ha. She actually has been a student of my for three years and I've seen her grow creatively over that time. Last year, she and I made a long range plan not only for Benfield Photography, but for Lauren. I'm really excited that she has decided to join Benfield Photography and I know that you'll love her and her images!

Happy pre-Christmas!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Holiday Fun!

Hey everybody!
It has been a fun and eventful couple weeks for me, Meredith, and Ellie. In addition to photographing couples, receptions, etc., we've been playing a lot! That's what the holidays are for, right?!
Below are some fun photos of the fam decorating trees, Christmas shopping, painting pottery, even riding a camel. Yep, a camel.
I hope that your December is as much fun as mine!

Enjoy the pics!

P.S. What a surprise... Ellie wanted a pink Christmas tree. ;)

Ellie took this of me...

My Strawberry-blondies...

Ellie's stocking from Mere - too cute!

Making a present for Mere (Ellie insisted!)

Posing at the big tree at Pinnacle before a little Christmas shopping...

Riding Smokey...(I was more scared than Ellie)

A silly picture of me twirling Ellie...

(ugly sweater) Christmas Party

Hey everybody!
If you asked any of my former students what I wore during the month of December and January, you'd probably get 1 consistent answer: an ugly sweater. You'll see the irony, then, when I was the lone rebel who didn't wear an ugly sweater to the ugly sweater Christmas party, hosted by Shane (Mere's work buddy) and roommates.
After hors d'oeuvres and vino, we had a little karaoke and gift exchange before the real partying kicked in. However, no Christmas party could be complete without the obligatory Santa spotting. See it all below!

Mere pouring some mystery punch - Pomegranate style

Santa's gotta secret

The Gladiators...

The Gladiators, take two...

Monday, November 26, 2007

Shooting dates announced...

Hey Everybody,
Meredith and I have decided on our dates for the Lights of the Ozarks shoots we've been planning. This Friday, November 30th and this Sunday, December 2nd, from 6pm-7:30pm we will be at the square in Fayetteville photographing families, couples, and children. If you'd like to sign up, please email me (and include your phone number) and we'll get you scheduled.
The lights are really beautiful and make for a wonderful background. The image is perfect for Christmas cards too! Below, I've included Meredith and my Christmas Card from last year (which shows the lights somewhat) so you can get a small idea about what it looks like.
The packages are really simple:
Basic shoot - $25 includes 3 poses and images online for 30 days.
Christmas Card package - $50 includes basic shoot with 20 4x6 size custom-designed Christmas cards (for samples, see the Christmas Card post)

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Twin Trashing! (2 of 2)

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!
Here are more pics from the double dress trashing. I hope you're all enjoying time with your family and friends today!
Enjoy the pics!

P.S. Isn't the lighting awesome?!

This post is part of our blog-a-day commitment. Actually, this fulfills it. Maybe we'll keep it going.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Twin Trashing! (1 of 2)

Here it is. The much-anticipated double dress trashing for Sarah and Candace. We've all been so excited for this and the pictures turned out amazing. The shoot was so much fun! Let me know what you think about the pictures!
I'll post more tomorrow,

This post is part of our blog-a-day commitment

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