Thursday, August 23, 2007

Wedding and Portrait Photographers International

In an effort to forge ahead of the competition in my saturated market, I am 1 of only 2 photographers in Fayetteville (as of this writing) to be a member of Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI). WPPI helps photographers by bringing us "exclusive information, industry resources, business programs and professional services to help you with your photographic artistry and business needs" (

Newest member of PPA...

After being a member of the student (Lite) version of Professional Photographers of America for the past couple years, I have now outgrown that status and upgraded to membership in PPA. This organization networks and gives resources to professional photographers. They also have yearly contests about which I'm quite excited!

Congrats to me! ;)

I feel as if I'm being tickle-tortured...

Tuesday, I had a shoot for a realtor (see here) and while I was taking the walking trail, I managed to let something get me. I don't know what it is, but I do know that last night, I was covered from big toe to neck in little red bumps. No fun, trust you me! Meredith, with the skill of a nurse and the heart of a mom, took care of me... giving medicine, applying cream, etc.
She was quite wonderful! So... publicly... Thanks, Mere!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Couple lets loose in downtown Joplin...

Meredith and I had a hilarious and fun time Saturday when we met Bradley and Meridith at their home in Loma Linda to photograph their engagement. A gorgeous couple, they were so easy to photograph at their beautiful home.

What Meredith and I loved so much about them is that they had no problem doing whatever we asked them to do, and they had some unique ideas of their own. We also went downtown to a great building on Main in Joplin to shoot. The exposed brick was great, and so was their boldness to get out on the roof for some incredible images.

At the end of the shoot, Meredith and I were talking to them about the wedding day and the couple suggested we photograph the wedding party and the couple again in downtown Joplin the day of the shoot before their ceremony and reception at Twin Hills.

Below is a slide show I created of the shoot (music by Dave Barnes, using Showitweb, a program created by a fellow photographer David Jay. It's a simple program to use and not terribly expensive. Anyway, that's enough endorsing for one paragraph... enjoy the show!

Happy viewing,

Dream bride...

Friday night, I met Leah at Common Grounds to talk about her upcoming wedding and let me say, she is the perfect bride! Not only is she going to look amazing on her wedding, she knows exactly what she wants on her big day. For instance, she told me her friend Tara (who met with us) is one of 10 bridesmaids! What a huge, fun wedding party! She'll be getting married in Little Rock July 5th, 2008, and I could not be happier that she chose us to photograph her wedding!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Big Honkin' Truck Makeover

Kevin Greene's submission was apparently exactly what the staff at Castrol engine was looking for, as they sponsored the makeover of his Diesel truck, finished earlier this month. I was hired for the unveiling as members from the Chrome Shop Mafia, the crew made famous in the show, "Trick My Truck" showed Greene the work they had done on his truck. It was a great experience for everybody involved, and I wish Greene the best in the future with his small business.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Erin and Ryan's wedding in Rogers, AR

Meredith and I had the honor of photographing Erin and Ryan's wedding in Rogers this weekend. The 6:00 ceremony was held at the First Christian Church in Bentonville, and the reception was at the beautiful Pinnacle Country Club in Rogers. Erin was the CALMEST BRIDE! It is a testament to how well the day was planned. Everything went as planned; Everything was on schedule, and the water was calm all day! They are a gorgeous couple!

Alaska Proposal; The Time I Almost Blew It.

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