Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lindsay's Secret Session...

Hey everybody!
We're into our Chicago blogging now. You might know that we spend some recent time in Chicago doing some photo sessions (and got to see a Cubs game!). One of our shoots was a secret session by Meredith. Mere does these sessions for our upcoming brides who want a sexy present for their grooms on the wedding day. And, from time to time, we post some images (normally we only put detail shots, and not face shots) on the blog.

This session is of Lindsay, one of Mere's friends growing up. She is already married, but loved the thought of giving this to Mark as a gift anyway. This quick, fun session was a super success: Mere and Lindsay got some really great images. Check 'em out below.

If you're looking for a sexy, fun present for your husband, or soon-to-be husband, give Mere a call or email: 479-871-2479, meredithmcclary@gmail.com

Talk to you soon!

3 more bookings - now 2/3s full!!

Hey everybody!
Meredith and I are floored!

Congrats to the 3 weddings we booked yesterday:

Maggie and Austin - August 8th, 2009 (she's not engaged yet, but she's got a feeling it's coming soon - ha ha ha)

Mindy and Ray - September 19th, 2009 (a super sweet couple we met in person yesterday)

Tiffany and Aaron - October 3rd, 2009 (another sweet bride who picked her date based on our availability)

We've got such great response for weddings next year! We're now 2/3 booked. We'll likely only take 10 more for next year so we can concentrate on our favorite part of our job: getting to know our brides and grooms! We love spending time with them, chatting it up, meeting for coffee, lunch, dinner, meeting at concerts, baseball games, etc. Also, 30 weddings (the number of weddings we are tentatively planning on) means 30 engagement shoots, 30 bridals, 30 engagement guestbooks, 30 albums to design, and a blog post on each - I'm getting tired just thinking about it... ha ha ha

If you're thinking about using us and haven't made it "official" - let me know asap so we can get you on our calendar!

Talk to you soon,

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Kara's Bridal Shoot...

Hey everybody!

Meredith and I have had the best, yet busiest, weekend! We have tons to blog about, so we're bringing back Blog-a-day!!! Yay!!!

I want to get this started right! The gorgeous Kara (see her wedding from a post a couple weeks ago!) had Meredith and me come back to Tulsa for her bridal session. You will see as you work your way down that this looks kinda like a trash the dress session. Well, Kara's mom couldn't handle calling it a trash the dress. :) However, mom did help Kara out of the pool at her house. Check out the sexy and fun images below!

I love this first series...

And this is a gorgeous portrait!

And this shot of her in the pool shows her elegance...

Also, her dress is amazing, isn't it?!?! Meredith and I loved photographing Kara! She required no posing, and was so photogenic!

Talk to you soon,

Friday, September 26, 2008

Double Post (read all the way down)!

And the winner is...
Sarah Alumbaugh!!!! Sarah, your comment was randomly chosen and you win either a 16x20 ($150 value) from a previous session (take your pick), or a Christmas Card shoot ($300 value)!!

Everybody else, thanks for all the comments! Y'all are so super sweet, and it was great to hear a little feedback from everybody. Please feel free to keep posting comments... Meredith and I ready them ALL! Our friend Shane, a super follower of the blog, said we should use the following comment left by Laura Woods in our marketing pieces... I agree:

Everytime I see a new idea or concept you have, I dream about a time in our lives that we will be able to incorporate you all into that special moment.

Thanks, Laura!! We can't wait to see Mariah soon!

Christmas Card designs are ready!!
When you get your Christmas Card shoot, you get to choose from one of the following 5 designs, which can be vertical or horizontal, and have whatever text you want. Also, they are a good quality, folded card, not just a 4x6 or 4x7 cards that you get a places like Shutterfly. Woohooo!!

Also, I have 2 spots left still, so if you want one, email super soon (like, Today!).

Thanks again for keeping up with the blog! Meredith and I appreciate you all!

Talk to you soon,

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Kylie and Brett Tie the Knot!

Hey everybody!
Keep up the great comments below! The contest will be over Tuesday night at midnight. I'll have a super cool prize for the winner!

Meredith and I photographed Kylie and Brett's wedding to kick off our super wedding weekend last weekend. They were a crazy couple for sure! They had great ideas for their wedding that Jenessa (our super wedding planner friend) of J.Bailey Occasions brought to tangible reality! Check the details below!

Looks amazing, right? Kylie and Brett did too!

Here's a really great shot of Brett, taken in the hotel room (love that window light!)...

With the rowdy wedding party...

The gorgeous ceremony at the Spavinaw Supper Club...

Near the end of the night, the fireworks started...

And then sparklers on the way out - I love the mood lighting here...

Great job, Jenessa! And Kylie and Brett, it has been great getting to know you both so well!

Talk to you soon,

Friday, September 19, 2008

Blog Contest!!

Hey everybody!

Ever since I was little, I've loved statistics. I know I look super cool, but I'm really quite nerdy. Ha ha ha...

Anyway, I check my blog stats about 1 or 2 times a week, and see all these people reading my blog. I like this because it means I'm not just wasting my time writing to nobody ;)

I also have lots of people who subscribe to this blog, which is equally flattering. I'm always humbled and honored to see a following. And now, I'd love to know a little more!

So I thought of a little contest...
Everybody (family! friends! fans! future and current clients!) who reads this blog (or gets it in there email) - get on here and leave a comment. It doesn't matter what the comment is. Maybe you can write about your favorite blog post, a favorite picture, or just simply that you read the blog. The content of your comment has no bearing on your winning or losing. I am going to randomly select a number which will correspond to a comment. The chosen person will get a sweet prize! Leave your comment by the time I get back home (Tuesday night)!!

Talk to you soon,

P.S. I shaved my head tonight. Not like I normally do... I mean, skin shaved! I'm so aerodynamic!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

What I'm Reading...

Hey everybody!

How about a non-photo blog?!

As many of you know, I love me a little literature...so much so that I taught English for 5 years. I could go on and on about my favorite poets and authors.

As you may also know, I've read the Harry Potter series multiple times. I was a bit sad when it ended. However, a couple weeks ago my friend Molly told me to read the Twilight series. She said that some people like it more the the Potter books.

So, I picked up the first in the series. And even though it was a long read, it was a fast read. I finished it in just a few days of reading, and I liked it quite a lot. I don't think it is nearly 1/2 as good as Potter, as it doesn't have as much foreshadowing and inventiveness, but good all the same.

I love love stories. In that sense, this book trumps the Potters. Also, I didn't have to wait for the 3rd or 4th book (like in Potter) to get to the dark, non-kidsy mood. --------------------------- I just wrote something where those dashes are that spoiled the ending... what was I thinking?! That would have been so rude!

Today, I finished another book. I've read this book before, just after I graduated high school per my friend Trisha. It was brilliant the first time I read it, and even better this time. The book is 1984, by George Orwell. I taught Animal Farm when I taught literature, and continues to be one of my favorite books. This similar, but largely more scholarly book is like a constant mind stimulant. I could read it ten more times and still not soak up all the brilliant concepts. If you've read this, and wanna chat about it, I'm totally game!

Okay, back to business... I'll have more photo stuff up soon - I've got plenty to post about. Make sure and stay tuned to the blog - I might make it worth your while!

Talk to you soon,

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Aqua Blog...

Hey everybody!
Ellie, Mere, and I headed to Tulsa yesterday for some fun family time (and a fun Trash the Dress! more on that in a later post). We were excited to check out the Oklahoma Aquarium. Take a look...

I'll start with my very favorite picture. I love how she's just standing there, taking it all in!

We found Nemo...

And some Blue fish...

And here's a little maternity shoot we did... ha ha ha...

Finally, Ellie and me checking out the sharks...

One of my biggest lessons I've learned in owning your own business is that you have to make time with the fam- even if you physically schedule it into the calendar - otherwise they might forget the look of your face! I've been doing great at this lately, and oddly, I've been so much more productive at business!

Talk to you soon,

Monday, September 15, 2008

More Miscellaneous...

Almost every day, I'm having to tell wedding couples that I already have their date booked! I hate that!! If you recently got engaged (Chelsea has only been engaged a little over a week and already booked us - thats the way to do it!)

Some new bookings...

Wes and Kelly - We love when other photographers choose us to photograph their weddings! What a great compliment!
March 21st, 2009

Jonathan and Chelsea - The adorable Little Rock couple is as excited about us as we are about them!
June 27th, 2009

Bryan and Lindsey - the 2nd Lindsey we've booked for Cancun in '09! Check out their engagement site here They wrote nice things about Mere and me on there. How sweet!
July 3rd, 2009

Janelle and Aaron - this super cute Tulsa couple is going to be so fun to photograph!
June 20th, 2009


On the verge of our trip to Chicago, there's some exciting Cubs news. Last night, Carlos Zambrano threw a no-hitter!! Woohooo!!! This is the year. I can taste it! Here's a picture I got of him during one of my trips to the Windy City...


The odometer in my car moves kinda like a speeding bullet. After logging miles to Gravette Friday, I headed to Little Rock Saturday, Fayetteville Sunday, Tulsa today, Joplin tomorrow, and the Chicago for a week (Lauren will still be in the office and we'll still be on email - good ol' iPhones), where we'll shoot an engagement session, an anniversary session, and then a children's session. Whew. I just got new tires on my car - and a good thing too! By the way, we usually fly to Chicago, but I thought Mere and I needed to spend 18 hours (there and back) so we can chat, chat, chat!!!


In the meantime, I'm going to try be a blog-a-plenty machine. I have much to write about... not just all the shoots we're doing, which is plenty, but also some exciting things coming up. For example, I have some great Christmas Card action that's happening behind the scenes. You'll definitely want to partake! Which reminds me, I have 4 spots left for this year's Christmas Card shoots. If you want one of these, email me by this weekend, when I'll officially close it if I haven't filled the spots, and I'll send you the remaining times.

Anyway, I'll try to have a new blog up everyday. So check back daily for new, fun stuff going down around here!


Is that it for now? I guess so. Check back tomorrow!

Talk to you soon,

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Kylie's Secret Session...

Hey everybody!
Meredith and I photographed Kylie and Brett's wedding Friday (whole new post on that coming this week). As her gift to him, she contacted Mere to do a Secret Session. So, they met at the new ALOFT W hotel in the suite for the shoot and had a great time.

We got pictures of his face when he opened the present... the moment was priceless! He LOVED the gift!!

Here's a little of what he got to see...

If you're one of our current brides, and are interested in a similar gift, give Mere a call or email and she can set it up!

Talk to you soon!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Erica and Cody Tie the Knot!

Hey everybody!
Meredith and I made the trip to Ft. Smith to photograph the sentimental wedding of Erica and Cody. They already have their pictures, so this is not a "teaser" blog. I just wanted to throw some up on here so y'all could see the pretty couple! :)

In the left pic, I love the wind blow! In the right, the girls being all sassy!

Here is their first meeting. Sexy kiss!

At the ceremony, she sang to him. Tears were a-flowin'!

You were a really great couple, E & C! It was so fun spending time with you! Here's to the Cubs!

Talk to you soon,

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Kara and Jared Tie the Knot!

Hey everybody!
Meredith and I photograph the best weddings! Friday, we photographed Kara and Jared's wedding at the Five Oaks Lodge in Tulsa. The gorgeous couple was laid back and easy to photograph.

I love this portrait!

And here's a gorgeous shot Mere took...

How about the color here?! It was a gorgeous day!

Textbook leading lines... ;)

And here's little Ellie Kate, with the Kara's dress as the backdrop. It looks almost studio-like, right?!

And this is how you make an entrance...

How every guy wants to kiss his new bride...

And then inside for the moodlit reception. Tres romantique!

Thank you, Kara and Jared, and families! Y'all were so great! I can't wait for y'all to see the pictures!

Talk to you soon,

Alaska Proposal; The Time I Almost Blew It.

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