Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Kenna's senior fashion session

Austin Kliewer is a lucky fellow. He is lucky because he's marrying into a family with the Johnson girls. So far, I've met three Johnson girls, and love three Johnson girls: Maggie, Diana, and now Kenna. They are all so cute, sweet, laugh-y, and fashionable.

Kenna came up from Houston this weekend and we photographed her senior portraits. It was a hilariously good time, filled with equal parts of laughing and shivering. You can't tell it was cold in these photos, though. Kenna is quite the model! Not to mention, she has the BEST clothes!

Check out one of my all-time favorite senior sessions below!

Talk to you soon,


  1. OMG! She is gorgeous! Dale, you're so awesome at what you do! I wish I was a senior again! Ha! (Only so you could do my pics though!)

    The colors are amaaaaaaaazing!


  2. Her eyes are amazing!! My favorite senior photos, so far! :)

  3. Love the one with the blue door behind her - the head and shoulders shot. Stunning.


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