Thursday, November 20, 2008

Leah and Trey's engagement session

Hey everybody!

I've been debating with myself: Should I tell them the long, detailed version or the short and sweet version...
I'm good at compromise. Following is the medium-length CRAZY story of Leah and Trey's engagement session.

Like any other shoot, this one started out very fun, cute, and mild. We headed to a cool little place with some rockin' pretty leaves for some cool shots. And cool shots we got.

Then, we took the scenic route to our next location. Being a team roper, horses are a big part of Trey's life. Furthermore, Leah grew up around horses. So it makes sense that they would want to incorporate this important part of their lives into their engagement session.

Oh, yeah... medium version...

So, after saddling up the horses and getting some cool shots, Trey pulled Leah up with him for a few. Mr. Horse was not happy. A minute later he decided he'd be a buckin' bronco and sent our cute couple flying into the air. A couple heart attacks later (from Mere and me), and a few cuss words later (from Leah and Trey), everybody was alive and well. :)

Meredith and I both replayed the image in our head for the next day or two. I don't know about Mere's, but mine had multiple alternate endings, mostly ending with blood and gore. I'm glad they're alright, I'm glad they can walk straight, and I'm glad we got awesome pictures of them.

Talk to you soon,

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