Saturday, December 13, 2008

08 and 09 Brides: The Benny Awards are coming soon!

We've got some great stuff brewing... all for you!! This is going to be huge!!
Here's what I need you to do: if you're a current (this year or 09) bride or groom, I need you to mark out your calendar for the evening of Friday, January 23rd. You'll get your official invitation soon, so stay tuned for that!

Start getting excited!



  1. Hey now! What about us 2004 Benfield supporters?? What about those who supported the early years of Benfield? :-( Here's hoping for a all time benny awards some year!

  2. Hey guys! I got the text message from Mere! Anxiously awaiting details!!! Oh yeah- super fun update~ I got my dress for our TTD session and she is very '80's inspired. I have nicknamed her Madonna (: Can't wait for you to meet her!!! Hope you guys have an amazing Christmas!!!

  3. that's MY nickname for you!!!


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