Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas! 1 of 2

Hey everybody!

Merry Christmas!!!! I am crazy about Christmas! I love the food, the gift-giving, the family time, and everything else! Oh, wait, I hate the parking at Wal-Mart. But everything else...

I have decided to break the Christmas blog posts into two different ones, one leading up to Christmas, and one for Christmas day. Below are our Christmas portraits (Mere took them while we were in Branson a couple weeks back) when Ellie got to wear her fancy dress (we had a family fancy dinner, practiced our manners, and had a blast).

The other images are from the other night when I let Ellie open a couple Christmas presents. Actually earlier in the day Mere asked, "Ellie, are you excited to open a present tonight?" She answered, "I'm excited to open a COUPLE presents!" Because it was the day before Margaret Grace (see previous post) was being born, I knew what one the presents HAD to be... her new/old polaroid camera.

We've had such a fun holiday season. Meredith and I hope that you are able to create lots of memories with your family this Christmas!

Talk to you soon!

Fancy, like... Cinderella fancy!

Aren't we cute?!

Ellie got to open presents, so I did too ;) I was SOOOO happy to get this shirt. If I could I'd wear it everyday!

This series is so fun.
Picture#1: I was explaining what polaroid cameras are/were.
Picture#2: Waiting, waiting...
Picture#3: There it is! She saw it begin to appear! After this, she was HOOKED to this camera! It is soooo precious how much she loves it!

A fun little picture she took of Mere and me...

Probably the CUTEST FACE she's ever made in her entire life!!!

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