Monday, December 15, 2008

Time to Vote!

Hey everybody!

It's exciting... it's silly... it's official! The voting for the Benny Awards has officially begun! Drop what you're doing and go to this website:

We've got nominees for lots of fun categories and we want YOU to vote! The winners receive some pretty sweet prizes, so help out by making your voice heard. Also, send the link to your friends, family, post to your facebook, myspace, etc.!

One other thing, we've got a ridiculously silly video on the Benny Awards Blog that you HAVE to see! I might be nominated for a real Oscar for this performance. Chiggity-check it! I posted a contact sheet of frames from the video. Don't ask me why.

Okay, enough for now... hope you're staying safe and warm!

Talk to you soon,


  1. L-O-V-E the Benny Awards! Such a great idea and I know we all LOVE to see your work! Plus the video was, of course, award worthy! Great job! The two of you are hilarious!

  2. Fun and entertaining. Great stuff. Thanks for the fun.
    Sherrlyn Borkgren

  3. Awesome video! WHAT ACTING!!!
    We love it! And, we can't wait for the awards party! =)

  4. What a fantastic idea... How fun is all that gonna be?! Great photos as always! No trash the dress category?

    Congrats on such a great year!!


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