Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Benny Awards: the 2008 highlight video

Hey everybody!

Here is the lovely and lengthy (10 minutes or so) 2008 highlights video that we showed at the Benny Awards. This thing could almost serve as our current portfolio, if only it had our rockin' engagement shots in it.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it - the music is good too, so turn up your speakers, grab a drink, and sit back and enjoy.

Talk to you soon,

2008 Highlights Video from Dale Benfield on Vimeo.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Ice Ice Baby...

Hey everybody!

As you likely know, Meredith and I are without power at our house. We've been shacked up at Mere's sister's house. I've set up a mini office and am, for the most part, staying on top of everything... particularly the blog.

This ice storm is serious business! I feel for those who are without heat and power, and am thankful that we have friends in Fayetteville who have called and offered their place to us. We are surrounded by some great people. Furthermore, I'm really thankful that Mark and Rory have let us invade their home the past few days!

Yesterday, I had a little cabin fever so I hopped into the car and took my camera out on a little ice shoot. I am still blown away by the amount of damage NWA has been hit with. Though it is a serious situation, it was nice to see kids playing and the sun shining today.

I hope you're staying safe and warm!

Talk to you soon,

Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Benny Awards: And the Winners Are...

Drumroll please.... .... ....

Best Wedding Portrait:
1st Place: Bree:

2nd Place: Kara:

3rd Place: Rachael:

Best Engagement Portrait:
1st Place: Holly:

2nd Place: Chelsea:

3rd place: Jordan:

Leading Lady:

Leading Man:

Best Groom's Cake:

Cutest Kid:

Best Wedding Cake:

Best Kiss:

Best Getaway:

Best Dress:

Best Drama:

Best Dance Performance:

Best Comedy:

Best Bridal Portrait:

Best Shoes:

We look forward to the nominations for next year's Benny Awards!!!
Talk to you soon,

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Benny Awards: some sweet feedback

Hey everybody!

We're entering our 2nd day without power, but Meredith is on an electricity bike giving power to the computer while I'm typing this. Ha ha ha... just kidding. We're over Mere's sister's house which spent about 12 hours without power but we're energy rich right now. So, on with the blog!!

We've received so much great feedback for the Benny's that we feel it deserves its own post. Also, my brother went around the party and recorded some comments from our couples, so check the movie below.

From Holly and Luke:
"Oh My Gosh!!!! We loved the Benny Awards. Luke and I had so much fun! The place looked amazing, the Benfield Breeze was quite tasty, and the prizes were beyond what I could have ever imagined!!! I am so thankful that I found such great photographers who care so much about their couples that they would be willing to go to so much trouble to throw such a great party!!! Thank you so much!
Holly "

From Brian Rudisill (our rockin' DJ):
Okay, can I just tell you how much you guys rock! Todd and I had a blast and we were so privileged to be a part of such a cool evening. We can't wait to work with you guys again!
All the best!

From Amy Hannon (of Sincerely Yours):
It was a treat to get to do the Benny's from birth!
Thanks for including me!!!!
Glad it was a success. Loving the pics on your blog.

From Michelle and Nathan:
Thanks so much guys! We had a blast and couldn't have picked a better photography team! We will call next time we need pictures!
Michelle & Nathan

From Chelsea and Jonathan:
You two are the best. Me and J couldn't ask for two more amazing photographers. Yall are just too good to us. I really appreciate that canvas. It's amazing and we love it, love it, love it! Thank you both so much for everything. I'm so thankful that Kristin told us about you. I can't imagine having anyone else there to take our pictures. You're both so very talented and we can't wait for the wedding!
The Benny's were wonderful and I can't wait til next year! The desserts were yummy, the drinks were spectacular, and the prizes were insane. It was all really fun! Job well done! :) Thank you for being the greatest photographers in the world!

Not to mention the blog comments over the past week!

The bottom line is, we love all our vendors and all our wedding couples! It was so incredibly fun to hang out with everyone and to see y'all hang out with each other! We are really pumped for THE 2ND ANNUAL BENNY AWARDS!!!!

Coming up on the blog, I wanna put the winners, along with their winning image, and then the final video (but this will take a little time to finish).

Keep on checking the blog!
Talk to you soon,

Some Benny Awards Feedback from Dale Benfield on Vimeo.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Benny Awards: Showtime! (2 of 2)

Come rain, come sleet, come snow... you're not stopping the blog!

Hey everybody!

I heard from a lot of couples at the Benny Awards "I can't believe our photographer would do something like this for us!" And a couple times I heard it added "or ANYONE for that matter" But Meredith and I had a great reason for throwing this party: we love our couples!

Meredith and I are so honored that you came to celebrate a great year with us. Our VERY FAVORITE thing about our life and our business is that we are TRULY friends with all you. You all make our job worthwhile, and we are so appreciative of you. Our goal was for you to walk away that night knowing that we didn't invite you there to sell you anything - we just wanted to show our gratitude for your friendship in 2008 and 2009!!!

Okay, okay... enough of the mushy stuff. On with the show. I mean, slideshow.
Talk to you soon,

The Benny Awards Slideshow from Dale Benfield on Vimeo.

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Benny Awards: Showtime! (1 of 2)

Hey everybody!
Each day seems to get better and better doesn't it?! I am in crazy love with all this Benny stuff! Today, I wanna toss up some images from the show itself. After the red carpet (see yesterday's post), our wonderful guests walked in to Jenessa's incredible creation:

Music was pumpin' from the Rudisill brothers, aka Groove Productions:

The Event Group had their unique desserts out for our chewing pleasure ;)
The Gourmet Cheescake bar (you could add all sorts of scrumptious toppings)...

Mousse shots: Key Lime, Peach, and Chocolate

They also had some old school milk and cookies, as well as Apple Pie Shooters with Sparkling Apple Cider. Cool, right?!
The Bar was definitely one of my favorite parts. Here is Maggie and Austin deciding on a Benfield Breeze (our signature drink)

And Felicia and Candice were doing the same (ahhhh... the days of having to show my id...):

Here's Jenessa chatting with Lauren and Bree's table. Some trivia: Lauren was the first wedding Jenessa and I both worked.

I heart table pics! Jessica and Lauren rocked the cameras all night long!
Kelli and Beau:

Felicia and Candice:

Meridith and Bradley:

Holly and Luke (our big winners of the Couture Album!)

Bree & Donald and Lauren & Dusty:

Here, Brooke and the rest of the room thought I was sooooo funny. :)

One thing that Meredith and I love so much about our work is that we have such great relationships with all our couples! Here I am hugging it out with Lauren while she picked up her "Leading Lady" award.

Also, I have to put this one in because I look so tan. Ha ha ha!

I thought this face I was making was funny. I have absolutely no idea what I was talking about.

And lastly, your hosts for the evening: Dale and Meredith (doesn't Meredith always have the COOLEST earrings?!)

I didn't want to overwhelm with a crazy abundance of images, so I split these into two days. I think I'll do a cool slideshow tomorrow, which will have lots more eye-candy :)

Talk to you soon!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Benny Awards: The Red Carpet

Hey everybody!

The next installment into our amazing night is all about the red carpet. One of my favorite parts of the night was peeking out at 7:00 and witnessing not only the line of everybody coming through the door, but seeing everybody's goofy faces in front of our vendor red carpet backdrop. If you're in one of these photos, be prepared for some facebook tagging ;)

The other great part of the red carpet is this was where the swag bags were distributed. Aside from the normal swag stuff, my favorite things in the bags were the adorable Luxe sample packages, of course the calendars and gift certificates we made for you, and the mpix gift certificates. Sincerely Yours personalized cards also rocked my socks right off.

Let's go ahead and throw some vendor love up on the blog:
JBailey Occasions - who designed and planned it ALL! Can I say enough nice things about Jenessa? No, I can not :)
Sincerely Yours - who rocked out the invitations (as seen on the Benny video #2) and the personalized note cards. How creative is this girl?!
Groove Productions - who not only keep the party flowing, but saved our slideshow by whipping out the MacBook Pro.
Jules Design - who arranged all the lovely flowers, from the tabletops to the bar
Mpix - who printed our winning prizes (lots of 16x24 gallery wraps and 11x14 double matboard prints) and gave away some amazing door prizes!
The Event Group - who almost stole the show with their clever deserts (pics of these tomorrow!) and the originator of our signature drink: The Benfield Breeze!!! Um, it was delicious by the way. And I would know, I had 5. :)
Eventures, who helped us out with tables, linens, chairs, banquets, and lighting.
Luxe - who glammed up some of our brides this year and gave away those aforementioned goody bags.
NWA Wedding Ideas - who not only threw their latest issue into the goody bags, but gave away one of the coolest prizes: for their engagement to be featured in an upcoming issue of the magazine!
Fayetteville Town Center - obviously our canvas for Jenessa's masterpiece. The girls at the FTC are so fun and cool - we adore working with them!

So, in addition to the collage, I just HAD to put this image of Lauren and Dusty Mayhall up. It is so funny; I still laugh at it each time I see it.

One last thing: I'd like to publicly thank Shane Robertson for being our doorman. He was the one who made sure you were on the list. Shane does a lot for Meredith and me, and is a great friend! Thanks Shane! Also, he's the one in the collage who is nearly beating his girlfriend, Jennifer.

Okay, talk to you again tomorrow with the next installment!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Benny Awards: The Prep

Hey everybody!
There is SO MUCH to show you about our 1st annual Benny Awards show! So much so that we've decided the best way is to break this up into different categories that we'll be showing over the few days. So make sure and check back each day for updates from our favorite night of the year!

First up, we wanna show some prep action. I have video footage, which I'll show later, but for now check out some of the images I took during the setup process.

More tomorrow!
Talk to you soon,

The visionary, Jenessa Bailey wedding planner extraordinaire!

Lauren and Marie hanging our vendor/sponsor banner for the red carpet...

Lauren setting up lighting...

Be sure to check back tomorrow for more fab pics!

Ice Skating with Cece!

Hey everybody! It's always a crap shoot when we decide to do something with Cece that she has never done before. Diagnosed with ASD...