Wednesday, January 14, 2009

And we're back!

Hey everybody!

Mere and I are back in the office tonight. We stayed caught up on emails and phone calls while we were gone, which is totally great, and now we get to work on some really fun stuff.

Speaking of which, we came up with TONS of fun new ideas while we were away. We're totally inspired and are hitting the ground running now that we're home. Be excited for some crazy cool stuff on the horizon!

Anytime Mere and I go somewhere, we always take a picture of our feet. You might remember our feet picture from Disneyland back in June, or in Gulf Shores, or on Beale Street in Memphis, or in Paris... anyway, we've never been to Phoenix together so we took one by a cactus. Cute right? I posted it below.

So, I'm just writing to tell y'all we're back and REFRESHED and INSPIRED!! Also, next Friday is the Benny Awards!!! Voting is over, and we're tallying and working on getting all the prizes ordered so they're here in time. Fun fun fun!

Talk to you soon,

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