Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Benny Awards: The Prep

Hey everybody!
There is SO MUCH to show you about our 1st annual Benny Awards show! So much so that we've decided the best way is to break this up into different categories that we'll be showing over the few days. So make sure and check back each day for updates from our favorite night of the year!

First up, we wanna show some prep action. I have video footage, which I'll show later, but for now check out some of the images I took during the setup process.

More tomorrow!
Talk to you soon,

The visionary, Jenessa Bailey wedding planner extraordinaire!

Lauren and Marie hanging our vendor/sponsor banner for the red carpet...

Lauren setting up lighting...

Be sure to check back tomorrow for more fab pics!


  1. Everything looks so beautiful!'s a little cruel to drag it out for us ;)

  2. Sooooo much fun! I love the idea, and can't wait until my new business is big enough to do something like this! ;-)


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