Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Benny Awards: Showtime! (2 of 2)

Come rain, come sleet, come snow... you're not stopping the blog!

Hey everybody!

I heard from a lot of couples at the Benny Awards "I can't believe our photographer would do something like this for us!" And a couple times I heard it added "or ANYONE for that matter" But Meredith and I had a great reason for throwing this party: we love our couples!

Meredith and I are so honored that you came to celebrate a great year with us. Our VERY FAVORITE thing about our life and our business is that we are TRULY friends with all you. You all make our job worthwhile, and we are so appreciative of you. Our goal was for you to walk away that night knowing that we didn't invite you there to sell you anything - we just wanted to show our gratitude for your friendship in 2008 and 2009!!!

Okay, okay... enough of the mushy stuff. On with the show. I mean, slideshow.
Talk to you soon,

The Benny Awards Slideshow from Dale Benfield on Vimeo.

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