Thursday, January 15, 2009

Brandy and Eli's engagement session

Hey everybody!
Yikes! It's cold!! I'm still in weather shock after I was in sunny 72 degree Phoenix for the past week. 15 degrees makes my skin hurt!

Let's warm up with some lovey-dovey images of Brandy and Eli, who called me right before the lights of the Ozarks were gone for the year so we could shoot some engagement portraits. We scheduled the shoot at the perfect time of day; we got shots while the sun was still out, and it lasted well after it went down so we could focus on the gazillion lights on the Fayetteville square.
Check out a triple-treat of my favorites below.

Talk to you tomorrow,


  1. Next time you are taking pictures outside the building where I work, come in and say hello! :) The two building shots are on either side of the visitor center.

  2. Those are my friends!!! :) haha. Lovely pictures!!


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