Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008: Please pack your knives and go.

Hey everybody! Happy 2009!

Meredith and I had the wonderful pleasure of attending Jenessa and Mark Bailey's five-course New Year's Eve celebration tonight (er, last night). We walked in to see her living room transformed into a gorgeous table set for 16! We were served a super Top Chef-ish menu including mandarin orange salad, coconut shrimp, crab bisque, pork tenderloin with dinner jackets (twice baked potatoes), and a 5 layer chocolate cheesecake for dessert. Now THAT'S how you bring in a new year!
Meredith and I were the last to leave; we watched the ball drop with Jenessa and Mark and chillaxed for awhile. It was such a fun night! And now, some pictures...

Thanks Jenessa and Mark for a great party and dinner! We had such a fun time!

Meredith and I want to wish you all the absolute best for 2009! Talk to you soon!

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