Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Jess and Tay tie the knot!

Hey everybody!

Two of my very favorite people (and I just met them earlier this year!) got married right before Christmas and had a rockin' Winter wedding. Jess and Tay's day was filled with some hilarious moments (a bridesmaid caught her dress on fire - the bride was sooooo laid back, she couldn't stop laughing!), some sweet moments (dad and groom both crying once the ceremony began), and some crazy fun moments (bride, groom, and wedding party rehearsed the first dance - think "rock the reception" on steroids!)

Lauren caught this shot as they were heading down the aisle after being announced husband and wife. Classic!

I love the images from this wedding and reception. Speaking of the reception, it was well-designed by Nic Clark from Rogers (though, the wedding was in Joplin). My favorite part was the cupcake area, so I included it in a number of the pictures.

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  1. Holy smokes! Those pictures are INCREDIBLE!!! Way more than I could ever hope for! I was getting nervous because I was seeing other people's pics and I look a little crazied eyed! I forgot we had the master taking our pictures!! Excellent work. BENFIELD TEAM: Asssseeemmmbbblleee (sorry Anchorman reference!)


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