Friday, January 2, 2009

We're on iTunes!

Hey everybody!

In an effort to maintain my super-geek status, I've worked the past couple days on getting some slideshows up on iTunes! I've put two engagement sessions up as podcasts, which should be searchable tomorrow (try searching Benfield Photography).

However, if you don't wanna wait, just click this link:

You'll notice I didn't put any music on it. 1) I was just messing around and getting the process down and 2) I was on a computer that doesn't have my royalty free music on it - and I don't prefer angering the iTunes Gods. Later slideshows will be different.

Feel free to download the two shows (it's free) to your iPhone, iPod, or just iTunes, especially if you're in the pictures. Also, IF YOU WANT ME TO PUT YOUR PORTRAITS ON iTUNES, email me by the end of the weekend and I'll do it for you free o' charge!

Also, if you don't want to keep checking back to see all the new videos, just subscribe!

Talk to you soon,

Oh, here's a sample of one of the videos:

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