Saturday, February 21, 2009

City's lookin' like a ghost town...

Hey everybody!

While in Vegas, we were also doing some shooting. Our first shoot was with some other photographers in an old run-down town an hour outside of the city. Two of the photographers are Amy and Molly (from our earlier post), so check out their blogs and see what kinda stuff they got from the same shoot.

Cool location, huh? The cacti did not enjoy me. As a matter of fact, they jumped onto my shoes and stung my feet. Jerks.

And another shot of our pretty location...

Some of fellow photographers, Miranda and Adam of Reminisce Photography...

And some of our unique models...

And to end, a random, electrifying pic... :)

Stay tuned tomorrow for a VERY cool shoot! Meredith and I had a secret session while we were there, and it turned out Uhhhh-Mayyyy-ZING!

Talk to you soon,

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  1. So awesome to see someone else's perspective on the same subjects.
    Thanks for sharing, and so much fun meeting you guys!


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