Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hello from Vegas!

Hey everybody!
Meredith and I are safe and sound here in Las Vegas, and are pumped for what the next week holds for us! We're going to have so much fun doing so much work!

Above is the view from the hotel room - I like it!

It's been a bad week for airplanes, I guess, and even though we had a landing gear malfunction we are safe! We did see a plane shooting out fire yesterday when we got here, but the crew turned the plane right around and landed, and they were all safe too! Yikes!! And of course, there was a plane crash in NY, which is terrible news. So, that reminds me of one of my favorite quotes: I felt sorry for myself for not having any shoes, until a saw a man with no feet. Or something like that. I'm very fortunate in life, and I try to remember that!

Okay, talk to you soon!

P.S. How cool is this that I pulled off the mpix blog?!!!

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