Friday, February 20, 2009

The reason I couldn't wait to get home...

Hey Everybody!

Let me just say, I DID have a blast in Vegas. Something that surprised me a great deal is how many photographers came up to me and already knew my name. It's never been a goal of mine to be known by many, or any, but to be the best photographer I could be for my clients, and the best teacher I could be for my students and fellow photographers. I will say that I'm flattered by the photographers I met, and inspired by the photographers I watched.

One person that Meredith and I had not planned on meeting, because we didn't know she existed, was Keats Elliot. She is the brains behind one of our favorite products, Shootsac, one of our new favorite products, Hipslip, and is also hilariously outgoing and a ball full of fun! Meredith and Keats both had corporate marketing backgrounds, so they had a lot in common. If we lived in SoCal, I'm sure we'd be BFFs!

Okay, so I've been blabbing all about what I loved about Vegas, but the point of this was to talk about why I wanted so badly to come home. That's easy: Ellie. Meredith and I have been without our sweet little redhead for WAYYYY too long! Plus, we had to celebrate my birthday!

Here's a few things we did today: ate a cake that looked like a Cubs hat (made by my momma), had a photo shoot (a picture of that is below), and wrote a new story that we'll film tomorrow. It's about a teddy bear, named Ted, who can talk. You're in for a treat.

So, it's nice to be back where we belong!

Talk to you soon,

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