Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ashley and Clint tie the knot (part 1)

Hey everybody!
It's another two-day post, with lots of eye candy!
While I was in Eureka Springs photographing Wes and Kelli's wedding, the girls were in Littler Rock photographing Ashley and Clint's. When they called me that night to talk about how the day went, Meredith's first words were, "I love photographing couples that show how much in love they are!" From their images, it's super simple to see. Check out these moments:

A couple from their first meeting:

Then some sweet ceremony images:

Tomorrow, I'll be posting some of their portraits.
Talk to you soon,


  1. All the emotion in these shots - love that one of him wiping away her tears! And the last one, hugging his day - so sweet!! :)

  2. You should have been there! I've never been so moved and touched by the obvious love between these two! It was an awesome day!

  3. i was at the wedding and it was so sweet you can really tell they love each other so much.. Ashley is my cousin and it was so great to see her so happy!!


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