Friday, March 27, 2009

Blend-erize! Part Deux

**UPDATE** - check out my buddy Becker's [b]school blog for a couple pictures of my in action for the shot below, as well as our official Team AWEsome group photo :)

Hey everybody!

Today is my travel day. I'll be back in NWA tonight, and I couldn't be more excited for HOME! In the meantime, I thought I'd give you a little insight into my trip to Santa Fe.

Blend was a really great workshop that was led by three of the world's greatest wedding photographers, all who have very unique styles and practices. It was really interesting to see such incredibly different points of view. The Image is Found, Jesh De Rox, and Jose Villa are three of my absolutely favorite photographers, and getting to know them each on such a personal level (I had just briefly met them at random times before this week) was really a rockin' experience! It was also crazy fun to hang out with my buddy, Becker!

Here are my single favorite things about each of these 3 studios:
Jose Villa - he is seriously the nicest, most humble guy I've met.
Image is Found - they crack me up hard core. Their style is just like my old, newspaper style (I included one of Lacie below in that style). They inject fun and personality into shooting which is something Meredith and I love doing.
Jesh - From our 9-5 day, we didn't look at a single image (we did after 5, for about 20 minutes). It was ridiculously out of body! I don't know if you'll understand this, but it was like having your brain tickled with the craziest, but in the end sensible and obvious, thoughts. More than a photography workshop, I felt like it was a therapy session and a psychology class combined.
Okay, so I don't know if that was a single thing, but that's okay.

We also did a fun shoot of Lacie, who is Jose's assistant (and a photographer herself), in a wedding dress.
So, here are a few images from that quick 15 minute shoot (it started snowing 1/2 way through).

Talk to you soon,

(I love this first shot, even though it's not really my style - it is what I was talking about when I refered to my style when I worked for the newspaper - get close, shoot wide)


  1. hey dale. It was so nice meeting you this week and getting to know the pupils of your eyes hehehe :)

    I love these of Lacie. #1 and #4 are my FAVORITE!

  2. Wow... the photographers you mentioned in your text. I visited their websites. They're amazing.

  3. I love the first shot. I love the colors so much!

  4. These are great Boo! I'm so glad you had fun, I can't wait to see all your images from the week!
    Number 1 is my absolute favorite!!

  5. Hey Dale, these are amazing. Thanks again for your kindness during our eye-ball exercise :)). Was great meeting you. Love #4. Angie

  6. Dale - thank you for showing up in my life this year!!! I am so grateful that the B-School connected us and that we "keep" having opportunities to connect. Count me in for ANY of your "once a month fun trips" -- I love you guys to bits!

  7. Hey dale wanted to say I just came across this image at the top here. You rocked this one with those light bulbs in the image. Also the last shot with the mirror is great. Of course a good looking subject takes a great part of the credit and sure makes things a lot easier.


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