Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Date Week contest winner!

Hey everybody!

Mere and I have picked a winner! I ALMOST chose Jenessa's dance lessons, but we'll save that for another time. Instead, the suggestion that worked best for us was given to us through email by Misty Johnson, a portrait photographer in Central Arkansas. Thanks, Misty, for a fun idea!

Re-create your first date with Meredith. If things didn't go exactly as planned, change them up a bit to what you wish would have happened. Take her to the same restraunt, listen to what music was popular then, etc. Before the date, both of you write down your 3 best memories that you've shared & then writed down 1 memory that you hope to make with one another in the future. Sometime during the re-creation date, share your best memories & memory for the future with each other. Although this might sound really simple, it will take you back to why you fell in love with one another and build great memories for the future as well. Whatever you decide to do.. have a great time and enjoy your date nights! :)

There's a problem, though. Our first date is not re-create-able.
Here's how our first date went down:

Meredith lived in Fayetteville; I lived in Joplin. We had been talking back in forth for awhile, for hours at a time, and finally decided it was time to get together. So, she made the drive to my house on a Sunday night to watch Survivor (she had money riding on the finale) and I ordered food in. She told me that she ate chicken caesar salads at restaurants, so that's what I got. However, she didn't touch it the whole night. It's true: girls don't eat on dates! Instead of watching Survivor, we muted the tv and talked and talked. Then, she sang me a song that she had been learning (not for me or anything), Stormy Weather. It was quite amazing! Not to be outdone, I went back to my bedroom, got my guitar, went back to the front room, and played and sang to her. It was a pretty sweet night!

So, translating that into now, we could order in, watch a movie on the couch (no computers allowed!), and have a mini concert for each other, then share our 3 favorite memories (this idea SOLD Meredith) and our 1 future memory. Sounds like a plan! Now, what song to sing?!

Misty, for your winning idea, you get a date night! Send me your mailing address and I'm sending you the following:
Restaurant and movie gift certificates, plus some baby-sitting money! Yay!

Thanks for your ideas, everyone! We now have about 10 great ideas for our next 10 dates!

Talk to you soon,

Also, here's a couple of my favorite shots Lauren got of us during a shoot recently:

(apparently, I'm hilarious)

(again with the funny business)


  1. ALMOST?!? You ALMOST picked the right one... Just kidding! You guys have a fun time. I'll be interested to hear if you can refrain from the laptops & Twitter.

    I have one other idea for know what it is!

  2. That is the best date night idea ever! I love it.


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