Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A not-so-final goodbye...

Hey everybody!

Should Meredith and I be excited or sad that two of our great friends have moved away? While they're moving off to bigger and better things than NWA, our group core has now been removed - we're now without our fearless tailgate leader and our Santa Claus. Birthdays and Superbowls cannot be the same.

Meredith and I know it's not the end of our friendships, however. Little Rock and Tulsa aren't far enough to keep us away! Good luck to both of you. We love you. We miss you.

Your NWA buds,
Dale and Mere

Now, that all the sappy stuff is over, how about this HILARIOUS image from their going away party that was filled with funny memories and embarrassing stories. Meredith provided the STELLAR decorations, and Justin and Shane provided the POIGNANT expressions; I provided the DIVINE 1980s effect.

Here's to good friends,


  1. I cracked up when I saw your decorations...hehe.

  2. I'm so glad everybody likes my decorations! I was sweating a little, hoping people would get the joke! ...and you did!!! YAY!



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