Saturday, March 7, 2009

What I'm reading...

Hey everybody!

Apparently, about somethings I have a terrible memory. Here's why... I was going through my bookshelf the other day and saw Blue Like Jazz. I thought to myself, "man, I've wanted to read that for a couple years" (I've had it for a couple years). Just about every chapter I read, I realized I've read that chapter before. So, I've concluded that I read this book a couple years ago, and then again over the past four days.

Let me say, it's worth reading. Twice.

Donald Miller, the author, has such a way with presenting deep concepts in a conversational and entertaining way. Next, I'll be reading another book by him, Searching for God Knows What - that is, unless I've already read it.

Here's to getting lost in books,


  1. I read that book and loved it sooo much that I purposely didn't read the end... because I didn't want it to end. Is that weird? :)

  2. I agree. Love that book.


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