Monday, April 6, 2009

The Joseph picture blog!

Hey guys! It's MEREDITH!!!
Dale asked me to write the blog today because it's kinda about me!'s about Joseph.

Being on stage makes me feel like every day is Christmas, it's a magical experience; like a dream that I don't want to end. But, alas, Joseph has come to a close. I've been crazy busy the last couple months and I should be excited with my newfound free time, but I'm a little bit melancholy as I type this.

A great experience was had by all! I got to reconnect with a few old friends, and made several wonderful new friends. If you didn't get to see the show, please know you missed one crazy, corny, colorful musical with an Imaginative (to say the least) director! Hopefully the shots Dale got at our final dress rehearsal will excite you like they excite me!

To all my Joseph friends new and old: I miss you already! Thank you for finally learning the colors! Ha! Never forget that Lola is the best! And always remember: Any dream will do.



  1. you're such a rockstar! :) can't wait to hear those vocals one day!

  2. Great Pics Dale! I'm so glad you captured those moments for Mere.
    -Leigh Ann Martin

  3. Where's the sound? I wanted to HEAR too!
    Lori Bova


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