Thursday, April 9, 2009

What I'm Reading...

Hey everybody!

As if I'd have time to read... ;) Actually, I HAVE been making some time to read. On my recent trip to New Mexico, I read a book on my travel day called Tribes, by Seth Godin, which was suggested by my buddy Becker and I see why. A lot of what the book was about was some of the very things that goes on in the [b]school, where I throw up photography lessons for other photographers to view and learn from. In his book, Godin talks a little bit about having fans. Fans, he says, "will cross the street to buy from you, or bring a friend to hear you or invest a little extra to support you."

I'm very thankful for our "fans" - though, I call them "friends." Meredith and I love the fact that people read our blog on a daily basis, subscribe to it with their google reader or in their email, share us with friends and family, etc.

In a related story, Mere and I were having dinner the other night at Kobe (Mere's fave, and where I take her if I wanna put her in a super happy mood) and our friends and recent clients, Samantha and Charles George (see her maternity shoot below) showed up to have dinner too. Samantha told us that Charles, who is fine now, had to go to the ER the other night and the nurse there said, "Did the Benfields just take your picture?" and after Samantha said yes, she told them that she stalks our blog. I thought that was just the funniest thing! And nurse, whoever you are, thanks for stalking us!!

Tonight, Mere and I were out to dinner with one of our 2010 couples, Seth and Chelsea, and she said she made Seth put our blog on his Google Reader. She's been subscribing to us for some time, so it was so great to finally meet them! They're super sweet... as they left dinner and Mere and I were packing up, I noticed she put her head on his shoulder while they walked away - how cute is that?!

I told Meredith after they left that I love our job. Not only because we get to be ourselves and so something that we have so much fun at, but mostly because we get to make friends with so many truly wonderful people! It's amazing how well we get to know our couples in such a short time!

Wow, did I get off track!!! I think at some point I was talking about a book. :) One of the other things in Godin's book that really resonated with me was the following: "Whatever the status quo is, changing it gives you the opportunity to be remarkable." I love that Meredith and I have changed the status quo when it comes to wedding photography in Northwest Arkansas. But it was really easy to do! Two things that set us apart from many of the other wedding photographers are our quick turnaround times with images and our desire to build relationships with our clients. We've been able to set ourselves apart - and all by doing something we love to do.

Oh, geez. This is going on far too long. Can I just say one more thing? For those of you who are our "fans" - whether we have officially met you or not - thank you so much for keeping up with us. We appreciate you checking our blog everyday, supporting us, loving us, and sharing us. I haven't forgotten, nor will I, that we owe our success to you!

And with that, good night blog stalkers! Until tomorrow!



  1. Really enjoyed dinner last night! Thank you guys so much for everything. Saw you on google reader this morning and thought I would drop a note. Thanks again!

    - Seth


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