Sunday, May 17, 2009

Off to Gulf Shores! (travel day)

Hey everybody!

I'm happy to say that Meredith and I work as hard as anyone I know. Because of this, and because of our crazy schedule, we're so excited to be able to go back to Gulf Shores, Alabama this week! We're traveling today, so I thought I'd link to our posts from last year and include a couple images so you don't itch for some Benfield Photography lovin' ;)

Lauren will be in the office this week, so feel free to email her or me if you have any questions, wanna book a wedding, etc. Will I ever have a vacation without being reached? Probably not. But I love having a job that I miss when I leave!!!


Talk to you soon!

Last year's post
Last year's engagement session
A few images from it:

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  1. Nuts about this barefooted couple! Thanks for letting me use them in my Save the Date samples online! They are the cutest!

    Have a ball at the beach! Catch some rays for me!


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