Friday, May 15, 2009

The one who fell: Ellie's dance recital

Hey everybody!

If Ellie has any dancing talent at all, it does not come from me. She's been taking lessons with a group of girls for two years now and tonight was the culmination of all her efforts: the dance recital. Two thousand people gathered at Taylor Auditorium to see girls aged 3 to 21 strut their stuff on stage. The three hour event was divided into three acts.

Ellie's group was slated for late in the 2nd act. So, 95 minutes in to the evening we finally saw what we came to see: my precious four year old up on stage. Let me just say, she's not the most coordinated, she's not the most talented, but I think she has the most fun. To be honest, she was the only girl (that I noticed) that fell the entire evening. It wasn't a big fall by any means: as the group was leaving the stage the had to squat-sideways-walk and Ellie briefly took a knee. She very quickly recovered, kept a smile on her face, and probably forgot it even happened as the mass applauded. But it was enough for my friend Jason, who didn't mean any silliness or harm, to say "Where was Ellie? Was she the one who fell?"

Yes, yes she was. And when she did, my emotions rose up in me like I never knew they could. Seeing your child at a state of possible embarrassment, or hurt, or vulnerability, or whatever, is extremele gut-wrenching. However, what followed was a feeling of overwhelming pride. Seeing her spring back as if nothing had happened, smile still in tact, was delightful!

Tonight was such a fun night. Tonight 2000 people clapped for my daughter. Tonight I was so proud!

Here's to more moments like these,

This last one is so Charlie Brown! Do you know what I'm talking about?!

Here's a video of her dress rehearsal - she's on the far right at the beginning.

And here is a slideshow that I put on here MOSTLY for the song that I set it to. It sums up my feelings just perfectly!


  1. You have such a BEAUTIFUL little girl and you have good reason to be a very proud daddy!
    ~Krissy Steel

  2. The videos are just too precious!!! Ellie did wonderful!!
    ALL of the girls did FANTABULOUS!!

    Do you remember when you used to make us listen to Fraggle Rock in yearbook?!
    Those were the days!

  4. Ellie Benfield,

    You betta shake that thang, girl! You rocked it!



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