Thursday, May 7, 2009

An ultimate before and after

Hey everybody!
This is something we don't do much of for non-clients, but when Tracy, a high school friend, contacted me about restoring/creating an image from an old picture, I thought I'd put Meredith's photoshop PROWESS to the test. She seems to have aced it.

The task: put grandma and grandpa together, taking off the words, etc. Meredith went above and beyond, giving them a full-length shot. Ridiculously good, girl! Just below is Tracy's reaction to the final product.

wow. just *wow*
i am so completely and thoroughly impressed-- you have no idea!! i spent a week just trying to pull their heads out of that pic, and she is just amazing!! thank you so much! my grandma will be turning 77 on saturday, and mother's day is on sunday, and this will mean so much to her.


Thanks, Tracy, for the kind words not only in this email, but all the super sweet things you said on your facebook page about us (yes, we stalk you... and everybody else!)

Talk to you soon,


  1. HOLY COW Meredith! You can't even tell that the "after" wasn't an actual picture! Kudos!!!

  2. Oh my gosh! This is amazing. I didnt even know that this was possible!! This picture is going to make someones day!!!

  3. That certainly is a before and after!! Great job!!


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