Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Why I've been limping...

Hey everybody!

If you've seen me recently (since April 18th, to be exact) you've likely noticed that I have a slight limp. Well, I thought I'd post the reason why here on the blog. Apparently, I'm getting old. I never envisioned myself to be 29, nor did I envision having a perpetual limp just a shade under 30. However, when you see the images of how it happened, you'll see that it doesn't bother me one bit. The trade off is a no-brainer.

I just love playing with Ellie.

Here's to staying young!


  1. I really hope I didn't wake Cyndi when I laughed out loud at the jumping picture! :)

  2. I love her silly faces, and her super cute outfit! :)

  3. Adam - yeah, I look a little fruity. What's my deal?!


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