Monday, June 29, 2009

Favorite little photographer

Hey everybody!

Here's my ADORABLE nephew, Maddox! According to him, Uncle Dale is his favorite uncle. He also likes pirates, reading books, and reading books about pirates. His favorite thing to do with me, though, is kung-fu panda fight.

I came over the other day and let him mess around with the Canon 5D mark II with a 50mm 1.2L lens on it. He liked it, but thought the video function was too complicated. Ha ha ha! If you're not a photographer, just ignore that last part.

What I love about Maddox is the way he laughs - it's more like a crazy giggle. And his hair. Both his dad and I are Jealous (yes, that's with a capital "J"). And of course, his love for me. :)

Enjoy some pics of my best little buddy.

Talk to you soon,

This is what we in the photo business call "chimping" - no need to look at the back of the camera if you no know you've got it. ;)

Okay, so how sweet is he here?! And how gorgeous is that light?!!! No Photoshop needed!

And one last one from my silly angle:


  1. What a sweet boy I have. Thanks for this blog post. He will love to look at it:) Thanks for being his favorite uncle!

  2. What a little man-child..Maddox is so sweet...I can hear his laugh almost just by looking at it:)

  3. the video is awesome on the new Mark ii!!
    very impressed with what cannon did.


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