Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Hey's Mere! I'm taking over the blog, but just for today!
I wanted to take a quick moment to tell Dale happy Father's Day! Hope ya don't mind listening in!

Dale, the relationship you have with Ellie is crazy special. It's as if you're the best version of yourself when you guys are together. I love to watch you two laugh and's a real treat to hear you talk in your "Barbie voice!" Also, it needs to be said that you might enjoy playing dress-up a little too much. I digress.
The point I'm trying to make here is that Ellie is SO VERY LUCKY to have a daddy that shows his love for her in the most creative and sensitive ways, something a lot of girls can only wish for. You're such a great daddy! I love you so much for this very reason!
I want to wish you a super fabulous Father's Day!

And while I have the mic, I'd also like to wish my daddy a very happy Father's Day! Daddy, it's an absolute dream to be your baby girl! You're so special to me! I love you!

So, Happy Father's all the father's out there!
Below are a few to-die-for pictures I took of Dale and Ellie last week! I think they capture their adorable relationship perfectly!



  1. sooooo adorable! i love that first photo!

  2. Aww - Happy Father's Day Dale! Thanks so much for posting this Meredith. Beautiful shots. My favorite is definitely the one of both of them with the cameras...too cute! :)


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