Thursday, June 11, 2009

Phoenix Kai and Maddox

Hey everybody!

Here are some cute shots I got of my adorable nephews, Maddox and Phoenix Kai recently (well, not THAT recently). They're super precious, and I'm crazy about their cute little faces! Tomorrow, I'm going to do another shoot with them, which Ellie will assist on. I'll post some pictures of those afterword. Ellie wants to shoot her polaroid, so I'll have to scan them first.

Talk to you soon,

A couple of super sweet ones to start off...

Photographer tip: when dealing with little boys who don't want to look at the camera, ask him where your eyeballs are! "Behind the camera, Uncle Dale!"

Or you can just have him chase you around (gotta have a quick focus though!)

I think PK was posing for his senior pictures here. Doesn't he know I don't do the cheesy hand under chin pose? Ah well, he's just a baby.

Arrrrrrrgh!!! My first Mate!


  1. oh the one where he is running is just priceless! you capture moments so perfectly!

    too cute for words!


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