Sunday, June 14, 2009

S'more fun than you can shake a stick at.

Hey everybody!

A scheduled Saturday off is just what we needed! Meredith, Ellie, and I (oh, and Grover) had the laziest day yesterday (after a really busy Friday together) full of swimming, book shopping (our favorite thing), and playing. We've been visiting Mere's family in Joplin, who always treats us like royalty when we come (thanks John and Rita!!). Saturday night we spent some time after dinner making one of my favorite desserts - by the way, whoever invented s'mores is a freaking gastronomic genius! Marshmallows... good. Graham crackers... good. Chocolate... GOOOOD!! Mmmmmmmm...

This next series is my favorite! Caroline and Ellie were sitting by the fire (if you can call it a fire) and Caroline's marshmallow caught flame.

But all is well that ends well.
By the way, this picture crack-o-lates me up! Both their expressions are so typical of each of them. Ellie, the reserved sweetheart, politely smiles. Caroline, the rambunctious sneaker, smirks from behind. Too funny!

Caroline looks so sweet even when messy.

Ellie's two faces: cute and hard-core (she's really crunching on the right, huh?!)

Then Mere and I got involved...

Here's a triple treat of Ellie and a picture she took tonight (she brought her polaroid camera with her this weekend). Say hello to my feet at the bottom.

Here's to family time in the midst of crazy time!


  1. I love the series by the fire where Caroline cries. That pretty much sums up Caroline and Ellie's relationship: everything is going fine, Caroline does something crazy and Ellie watches cautiously and then Caroline ends up crying.

  2. Cute! I love the expressions on everyone! Me and my mom talked about the camera camp thing and I think we are going to help run it but then also for me to take part in the camp! YAY!!! See you then!

  3. Thanks for capturing our family memories. We love having everyone home for our backyard fun.

  4. I LOVE these pics! Thank you for always documenting our life so well! I love you!

  5. Three things:
    1. Precious pictures that made me feel like I was there (minus the calories).
    2. Next time you're there, I'd love a picture of their fire pit. I tried to get a puzzle-piece idea - but would love to see the whole thing straight on. It looks delightful!
    3. Grace and I fired up about Shoot Your Kids! We aren't "helping run it", but Sincerely Yours Paper will happily promote your gig and will also have a great table o'goodies set up at the event! Go team!

  6. i say this every time - but she is just too stinking cute!!

    and now i am craving some smores!

  7. too cute, just like their Grammy, love those desserts !


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