Monday, June 22, 2009

What I'm reading: KID BOOK edition!

Hey everybody!

The cutest 4 year old on planet Earth (I can't vouch for other planets) got noticeably cuter recently. Elizabeth, Mere, and I were out having a little picnic at Wildcat Park in Joplin the other day when I stopped everything and had the following conversation:

D: Um, Elizabeth, do you know what I see on you?
E: NO! What?!
D: Here's a clue: it makes you even cuter than you already are!
E: What is it?

From all the sun she's been getting lately swimming and playing outside, some sweet little freckles have surfaced. I happen to ADORE freckles. If freckles were a food I'd have them for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 4th meal (a la Taco Bell). I don't know if freckles and red hair are cute to other people, but they are to me! And I hope Ellie thinks so too (unlike "Carrots" on Anne of Green Gables).

For that reason my current favorite kid book is Freckleface Strawberry, by Julianne Moore. If you have a kid, particularly the red-headed, freckled kind (but not necessarily) you have to read this sweet story about a young girl who hates her freckles, and how she deals with it.

And now a couple freckle pics! Leave her some love below (she ALWAYS makes me read the comments)!

Talk to you soon,


  1. I have a speckeled little pup of my own! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the summer when her litte freckles surface and shine. Your little Ellie is such a beautiful little girl and she should be PROUD of her polka dot nose!

  2. SOOO glad I'll have a freckle face strawberry soon. I look at this tan, blonde 3 yr old surfer girl and don't know what to think!

    When Ellie and Margaret Grace get a little older, they will have to read "Freckle Juice".

  3. When I was little I had a ton of freckles and my favorite book was freckle juice! My dad (a food scientist) helped me make some freckle juice that I could use to paint on some more freckles and add freckles to my friends!

    If Ellie, who by the way is absolutely beautiful, doesn't already love her freckles she will when she gets older-- I wish I still had a lot of mine!

  4. oh too cute! i will have to get that book for my little redhead!!!!

    and i am with you - red heads make the CUTEST little girls in the world!

  5. I am noticing them pop up on myself too!
    Rachael Nachtigal

  6. Thanks for the sweet comments everyone!

    Kirsten: you have to send some my way, that would be so fun!

    Rachael: Hey! I love that you are a lifetime Benny! How've you been?!

  7. I think Ellie and her freckles are the most beautiful 4 yr old girl I have ever seen in my entire life!

  8. I love that I can see her AND you in the first pic! My two favorites!!


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