Friday, July 31, 2009

Amanda and Aaron tie the knot: wedding portraits!

Hey everybody!

A week ago today, Aaron and Amanda were married in Benton, AR. Today, we want to show you our favorites from the portrait session we had with them on the wedding day. Tomorrow, we'll give you the story of their wedding, so be sure to come back!

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Look who found the good light! Yummmmmm....

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Amanda's Bridal Portrait Session

Hey everybody!

Amanda's wedding was last Friday, so it's officially okay to show you her to-die-for bridal portraits! When we were planning these, she told me that she didn't want traditional bridal portraits, but instead wanted a little more fashion-y and urban. How fun!

Check out some faves below!
Talk to you soon,

I think we laughed throughout the entire shoot! Especially when her veil tried to fly away...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Shoot Your Kids: Update! SOLD OUT!!



Hey everybody!

This is super exciting! We've gone to the double room at the Cosmopolitan and now we only have TWO SPOTS LEFT!!!
If you've been waiting for some silly reason or another - STOP IT! Sign up now or you won't be able to make it!

It's going to be super fun. We're covering composition, how to use your cameras, doing a live shoot, and learning some photoshop tricks. We've got some great partners involved and will make for a super fun day all around!

Here's the link to sign up: Sign Me Up!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Autumn's children portrait session

Hey everybody!

Mere and Autumn have been friends since they were sophomores in high school, when Mere switched school districts after our freshman year, and Autumn was one of her very first friends at the new school. Well, now they're all grown up and Autumn and her husband, Tim, just welcomed their third child! The whole crew met up in Joplin a few weeks ago for Lauren and me to shoot some pics of Autumn's gorgeous kids! They were super easy and a ton of fun to shoot! Here are a few of our favorites!

Autumn, it was so nice to meet you and your beautiful family...Mere has some of the best friends!

Talk to you soon,

Isn't Grace adorable? I love Lauren's shot of her here:

Welcome baby jackson!

Can't you just tell how ornery Gavin is?

Two more of Lauren's...

What a great comment!

Hey everybody!

Just in case you don't read all the comments we get (we get a lot), I wanted to make sure you get this one that Kelli and Beau just left us. They are so super sweet, and their words just made our day!


Dale and Meredith,
Thank you so much for making this day even more special! Ya'll are amazing and I feel so blessed to have had ya'll photograph our wedding. All my friends and family raved about how great ya'll were! You have captured such special moments from this day and words cannot thank you enough!
With all our love,
Kelli and Beau


Super sweet words! Thanks for those!

Talk to you soon,

Monday, July 27, 2009

Kelli and Beau tie the knot: the wedding story

Hey everybody!

Wedding detail time!

The gorgeous bride touching up some make up...

The dress. There will be a couple throughout this post that were too good for the detail board ;)

Mary - one of the coolest bridesmaids ever - she'll probably be so mad at me ;)

FUN! Kelli got all her bridesmaids robes, among other things...

Okay, folks... our daddy/daughter shot! Mere is the best at these!

Waiting for the ceremony to commence. Pulaski Heights Methodist has the best bridal room!

And a gorgeous sanctuary!

Rockin' the kiss shot from the balcony - yay for great lenses!

Another detail shot that was super deserving of it's own BIG photo. This fireplace was an attention grabber at the Little Rock Country Club reception...

An emotional first dance! LOVE IT!!

Lookie who it is! C'est moi!

Here's the shot I was working on (on the left):

Pay attention to the knife... Mere rocks close-ups

Anne Foster brought her Vintage Photo Booth that matched Kelli's photo colors - clever!

It's party time!!

Not quite sure... can a bridesmaid clarify what the heck is going on?

I just love the light and color here... oh, and the emotion

Tragikly White rocked the party! I love this shot that shows both them and the crowd. Yessss!!!

Mel was soooo fun alllll day!!!

The wedding party had such great energy through the very end!

Kelli and Beau, Meredith and I love love loved shooting your wedding! It was a super energetic, completely fun day! We wish you the very best in your marriage!

Talk to you soon,

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Kelli and Beau tie the knot: the wedding portraits

Hey everybody!

Because Kelli and Beau had a special first meeting, they actually got to have two mini-portrait sessions on their wedding day. The first one took place in the courtyard at Pulaski Hights Methodist Church in Little Rock and the second one took place outside at the Little Rock Country Club. Both were dream locations, so all their portraits were dream portraits! Good looking couple + Great locations = Insane portraits!

Here are my favorite portraits from the sessions. Come back tomorrow to see how the day unfolded!
Talk to you soon,

How great is this moment?!!!

This one just steals my breath!

Ice Skating with Cece!

Hey everybody! It's always a crap shoot when we decide to do something with Cece that she has never done before. Diagnosed with ASD...