Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Beth is for sale!!!

Hey everybody!

Photographers, the day has come! You now can have beth for your very own! The texture, made famous in the following images, has won the hearts of adoring photographers all over! And now, she can be yours!

Wait a sec! How about a combo pack?!
I can't help but to think about Hailey+Beth (so hot!) - buy both and save moolah!

Beth (only) - $14 (includes file and instructions)

Beth+Hailey (so hot!) combo pack - $20 (includes both files and instructions)

And now, the images that made Beth famous:
Beth+urban bellies=


And how about that NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN image at the top... Beth+weddings= fabulous!
I LOVE that shot of Lindsey and Bryan right after they got married in Mexico!!

Talk to you soon!


  1. WE LOVE IT!!! Thanks for posting a teaser! We are looking so forward to seeing all of the many fabulous pics from the wedding!!! Much love from Mexico~
    Bryan & Lindsey


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