Monday, July 6, 2009

Chelsea and Jonathan tie the knot!

Hey everybody!

We have about 7 million amazing images from Chelsea and Jonathan's wedding last week. Lauren, Meredith, and I all made the trip to Little Rock to shoot. It was such a great day for a wedding! The girls hung out with Chelsea and all her bridesmaids, and I got to hang out with Jonathan and the boys.

Below is the story of their day, in pictures. Tomorrow, come back for their portraits, along with a special collage of why we just adore this fun couple!

Some fabulous details from the wedding and reception:

I love that these two images have identical compositions, one taken be me and one taken by Mere.

I love that you can see both Chelsea and her lovely mother in this image. I love the look of her eye in the mirror...

Hello daddy/daughter moment!

Such a beautiful ceremony!

Her brother sang during the ceremony...

Here's why Jonathan and Chelsea are awesome - they high-five each other. It's adorable!!

While I was shooting family portraits, Lauren rocked these kid shots that I just LOVE!

Aren't these table settings breath-taking?!!! WOW! The next few show their gorgeous reception.

A classy getaway!

We love you Chelsea and Jonathan! We hope you enjoyed your Cabo honeymoon and look forward to designing your couture album!

Talk to you soon,


  1. YAY! I'm so excited for this blog! But the pictures aren't showing up! :(

  2. for some reason i cant view the pictures :(

    also - random sidenote you have a TON of chelsea brides this year!!

  3. Now they are!!
    In less than 2 hours, you're going to have LOTS more!

  4. again - i am IN LOVE with the detail pics! they are my fav :)


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