Sunday, July 19, 2009

Felicia and Casey Dick tie the knot: the story!

Hey everybody!

What I love about photographing weddings is I have the important and wonderful job of telling the story of the wedding day. This monster post is going to do just that. This day had love, this day had awe, and this day had fun. Sit back and enjoy the story of Felicia and Casey Dick's wedding!

The boys started on the golf course. I met them at 9am at the Springdale Country Club for a round.

Meanwhile the girls were getting ready at the Embassy Suites. How precious are they in their robes and boots (a couple of the gifts from Felicia)

As showtime approached it was time to put on the dress, with some helping hands from the wedding party

Then our groom arrived at the Church at Pinnacle Hills. I love this shot (photogs: very Ben Christman-ish)

Some last minute adjustments before the big moment of seeing Felicia for the first time

This is my favorite Casey shot that I got all day. You can almost read his mind as he waits for his and Felicia's first meeting (little did he know she was about 40 feet away at this point!)

And their first meeting. I was shooting through the crystals at the alter, which adds just a bit of romance to this already romantic moment.

So, you saw all the portraits from an earlier post... but this is during the family and wedding party portraits (yes, I do those!). How cute is this candid moment of the girls laughing that I caught between shots. (Photog tip: keep that camera in front of your face always!)

Okay... how stinking precious is this flower girl moment right before the ceremony? Yayah!!!

As a surprise, Marcus Monk was able to make it just in time for the ceremony to start. Here's a quick portrait of the bride with the Carolina Panthers' wide receiver.

Here's the actual ceremomy. Hello, three crosses! How cool, right?!

Aaaaaaaaaannnnnd the kisssss!!!

Remember the classic car shot from the portrait post? Here we are cruising in it away from the ceremony

I know this belongs on the detail post, but I am just in love with this head table(s) area at the reception

This set the tone for the fun reception: the wedding party danced their way through the crowd to the head tables

Love this! Casey and Felicia knew the importance of LIGHTING at a reception. See the mood it sets?!!!

A funny and poignant speech from best man and bro Nathan Dick

Cake time! More on this gorgeous creation in tomorrow's post

One of my very favorite parts of the day: the first dance. I couldn't pick a favorite, so here are three. They opened the curtain of the seated dinner to unveil an entire other room with a dance floor - Felicia and Casey Dick in the middle having their first dance. SO DRAMATIC!!

Then everybody got down, including Darren McFadden. It was a blast to watch everybody dance!

Some wide shots of the room from both sides of the curtain

Our couple having a last dance...

Casey and Felicia, Meredith and I are crazy about you two! You embody the perfect qualities of a Benfield Photography couple: you're super sweet (our favorite quality, by far), are crazy in love with each other, have great taste, and know how to have fun! We wish you the very best in your life and marriage!

Talk to you soon,

***Tomorrow, we're going to write about some behind the scenes fabulous-ness, so check back for that!

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