Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday, Ellie!!

Hey everybody!
It's Ellie's birthday today! I'm happy and sad about this. My sadness comes from seeing my sweet little baby grow out of the cute little baby-ness that my heart is completely wrapped around. I'm happy because it's party time! :)

This year, as you might now, Ellie has become quite adoring of Harry Potter. When it came time for her birthday party, she obviously chose this theme. After learning that Harry and Ginny kiss in the Half-Blood Prince, she HAD to be Ginny at the party.

Here are some details from the party. You'll notice wands, glasses, and brooms that all the kids received and wore throughout the night. But even more fantastic is the cake that Jennifer at Shelby Lynn's made! Even more pics of that below.

By the way, I personally made each broom for every kid. I felt super Martha Stewart-y. Here's a pic of some of the kids with theirs...

And a few cuties in their HP gear...

And of course Ellie and me. BTW, I realize I look ridiculously dumb, but when Ellie asked if I would be Harry, I couldn't say no.

After we got dressed up, it was time to be sorted into our houses! I was the sorting hat's voice, and placed Ellie in Gryffindor (of course! She was Ginny, after all)

And Maddox was put in Gryffindor too. The others were put in either G or Slytherin.

Then it was time for Quidditch! All were seekers and had to have their brooms as they searched for the hidden Golden Snitch.
Ellie, of course, had a costume change. Here she is looking for the snitch, which she found (in a perfect storybook ending) with out me giving secret clues or anything.

And super cute Maddox, who didn't quite know what the snitch was (my fault) and thought he won when he found the soccer ball hiding in a bush. Precious!

After finding the snitch the kids had worked up an appetite so it was feast time. When planning, I asked Ellie what she'd want at her feast. I was thinking some awesome, fancy stuff, but she wanted hot dogs and tomatoes (tomatoes are her all-time favorite food). So, we had to make triple to make it look feast-y. BTW, that means I ate triple hotdogs and hamburgers. ;)

And our cool goblets that Mimi got for us to drink from...

Finally we had cake and presents. The cake was amazing. The book (which Ellie said was Tom Riddle's diary, the horcrux from the second book that Harry destroys) had lots of fun HP elements all made of SUGAR! Awesome! You'll see the snitch, a wand, the Gryffindor scarf, a potion, and Harry's glasses. Isn't it kind of amazing?!?!!! Thanks Jennifer!

It was such a fun party, with lots to do! I didn't even mention the HP coloring we all did, nor the magic spell lessons we had. So fun!

I'm so proud of my girl. She astonishes me every day with how much she changes and grows. I don't know if there is a prouder dad in the world. Love ya behbeh!

Talk to you soon,


  1. WAY too cute! I love it, what a fabulous party, she's such a lucky little girl! :) Happy Birthday Ellie!

  2. can i have my next birthday party at your house?? absolutely adorable. she DOES look like a little ginny, eh? very cute!

  3. Reminds me of the B-day parties for Brandy. Enjoy and treasure, because they too quickly pass away but leave you with wonderful memories. Ask Brandy about her Chunky Cheese birthday:)

    Happy Birthday Ellie


  4. OMG you have the cutest little girl in the entire world! i want to steal her and take her home with me! LOVE HER. happy birthday little ellie lady!

  5. this is an amazing party and she looks like she is having a blast! She is a lucky girl!

  6. she's adorable. and you are looking mighty fine in those specs!

  7. The party was wonderful and fun, Ellie was perfect, and that cake was waaaay over the top awesome.
    GREAT party.

  8. How awesome! I've toyed with the idea of doing a HP themed party a few years ago for my son, but now my girls' birthdays are only two and a half weeks apart, so I might try to do something like this for their party. Don't know if this fantastic party can be topped, though. f

  9. Wow - fabulous party!! Thanks for sharing. I'll be linking to your site with my Harry Potter post coming up:)

  10. Found this after reading in your most recent blog about the Harry Potter cake. I just to check out your archives to see it! I have to say, I'm turning 29 in a month, and I'm rather jealous of this party! Hahaha!


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