Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hello from Cancun!

Hey everybody!

After traveling yesterday on a really small plane, and then a really big plane, Meredith and I are here at the Dreams Cancun Resort where Lindsey and Bryan will be getting married!

Though we are here for work, we have had a chance to walk around, relax, and spend some time on the beach! My white Arkansas skin will surely turn a violent pink within hours, but the scenery is quite worth it! And everybody here is so sweet to us.

Enjoy images we took yesterday from around the room and resort.

Here's the view from the room - we have a corner room with balcony, so we can see forever in different directions.

And our room:

Mere's view from dinner last night:

And my view:

And a shot for my dad, who loves lighthouses:

Despite the shotty internet connection, I'll still be posting everyday - so check back everyday!

Talk to you soon,


  1. Really, you should market your pics to the department of tourism down there, or to the hotels.....make some extra pr monies or free rooms for future visits.


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