Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lindsey and Bryan's Dreams Cancun Wedding!

Hey everybody!

Meredith and I had never been to Mexico, so when we found out that one of Mere's fellow WMHO employees (remember? Meredith used to work there before I made her full-time with me) wanted us to shoot her Cancun wedding, we were thrilled!

Typically, we get to know our wedding couples really well because we go out to dinner, facebook chat, have Starbucks time, and then all the wedding planning meetings too... By the end of every Saturday night, I feel like I'm photographing a long-time best friend's wedding. However, with Lindsey and Bryan, that's an understatement. Not only did we have the aforementioned pre-wedding meetings, but then we went to Mexico to pretty much spend a week together!

We all stayed at the Dreams Cancun resort, which was super nice, and all-inclusive. BTW, I take advantage of all-inclusive, by always getting drinks at the beach, ordering the 24 hour room service at 2am, etc. The Dreams Cancun resort also was breathtakingly gorgeous, as you'll see in tomorrow's portrait post, where Lindsey, Bryan, Mere, and I explored it all during our post-wedding session.

But for now, check out Lindsey and Bryan's wedding on the beach. And check back early tomorrow for the portrait session that will blow your face off.

Love the details!

I love this "candid portrait" of Bryan

Lindsey did a secret session for Bryan and he had NO idea! I LOVED this little black book Lindsey and we made for him!

Mere was all over the place! She works so hard! Here she is up top (from our room) getting a really unique angle...

And then another unique one... ask her about the almost iguana attack during this shot!

Cake on the beach! Not as good as Sex on the beach (the drink, of course), but it's close!

Remember, portrait session will be up early tomorrow!
Talk to you soon,


  1. what a NEAT wedding!! LOVE those colors!

  2. Those shots from above are killer. Glad no iguanas actually caused any harm!

  3. Can't wait to see what you two saw !! We were there, but it was great wherever you looked !! Diane & Meghan Parker !

  4. Bryan & Lindsey WilliamsJuly 12, 2009 at 10:21:00 PM CDT

    We absolutely LOVE our teaser pics!!! Can't wait to see the rest!!! Thank you both for joining us in Mexico. We had an absolute blast and are looking forward to
    having fabulous pics to remember it by!!!

  5. The pics are fabulous! So unique!

  6. gorgeous colors! how fun! i want to do the "unity sand" thing too!

  7. Oh my gosh Lindsey they are absolutely awesome, I got goosebumps looking at the 2 of you!!! Amazing!


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