Monday, July 13, 2009

Lindsey and Bryan's Dreams Cancun Wedding Portraits!

Hey everybody!

Here are the wedding portraits, as promised! Lindsey and Bryan were so open to having lots of great portraits (who wouldn't want that?!?!) so Meredith and I took them all around the Dreams Cancun resort (even a couple place that we weren't allowed to go) for some fun shooting.

This is what you get when you have the couple just be themselves. Candid and amazing!

Breaking the rules, heading out on the dock...

Mere's cool shot at sunset

"I'M ON A BOAT!' A really cool, old boat!

Lighthouse lovin' - my pops would be proud...

One of my friends, Jose Villa has a famous image that inspired this shot. I love the color of the water here. Meredith and I always do a feet shot of ourselves anytime we travel... and this is like the ultimate foot shot. Maybe I'll have Jose come with us on our next trip so he can take one of Mere and me.

This was the next shot I took, but of their faces.

I love this shot to end on. Mexico, check. Beach, check. Romantic, check!

Tomorrow on the blog, we're are going to post some images that are way too cool for school! We shot Lindsey's trash the dress in a cave!! Well, technically in Mexico they call this a Cenote (cuh-noh-tay). I can't wait to show you images!!

Talk to you soon,


  1. Bryan and Lindsey WilliamsJuly 13, 2009 at 6:52:00 AM CDT

    WOW! Gorgeous! I don't think there are words descriptive enough to capture how excited we are are about all of our pictures! You guys have such an amazing eye and it comes through so well!!! Thank you so much for so many perfect pictures- even after the rain!!! Much Love,
    Linds & Bryan

  2. these are so incredible! you are so talented! i know that without a doubt i have chosen the best photographer in the world!! cant wait to work with you more :)

  3. How awesome are those last three photos? I love them! The sand on their feet in the feet photo is great.


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