Friday, July 3, 2009

Seth and Chelsea's engagement session

Hey everybody!

If I was leaving my fiance for 6 weeks, this would be a fun way to end it. Seth is heading to Little Rock to a law firm while Chelsea is in Fayetteville. In my opinion, there was no sweeter time to celebrate Chelsea and Seth by shooting their engagement session.

We met later in the day, starting the shoot at 6:30, for two reason: 1) It wouldn't be insanely hot and 2) the lighting is a gorgeous color this time of day. We shot a ton, though it didn't really seem like it, and got a sweet moments. So many so that we're going to split this into two days of posts! I know we did this with Hailey and Matt's e-session, and I don't anticipate this setting a precedent, but I just had to put more images from Seth and Chelsea's session.

I happen to know that Seth and Chelsea get to be together this weekend, so I wanted to give them something incredibly fun to do: enjoy their engagement images!

Below is day one of our favorites...

Talk to you soon,

If you follow me on twitter,, you got this sneaky teaser already. Isn't this a GREAT moment?!!!


  1. LOVE Chelsea and Seth and LOVE their pictures just as much!! Chels- Black dress on the stairs is my favorite!!

  2. Cutest couple on your blog yet...of course, I'm a little partial to them! Can't wait to see the wedding photos next year!

  3. i LOVE the eskimo kiss pic. it captures such a real, beautiful moment that EVERY couple in love has experienced!


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