Thursday, July 23, 2009

Shane and Jennifer's Tulsa engagement session

Hey everybody!

I have a great idea. How about for engagement pictures in 105 degree heat you wear a sweater over a button-down shirt. I did NOT say this to Shane, yet for some reason, he did...


Mere and I met up with Shane and Jennifer last week in Tulsa to shoot their engagement pics. This shoot was different than most because they are very close friends of ours. It's always fun to photograph your friends, especially when they're as cool and ridiculously good-looking as these two! We spent a lot of time with them on the 21st street bridge in Tulsa. This is where Shane's parent's got engaged, so it's very special to their family. In fact, we shot some of Shane's sister, Kara's engagement pictures here as well! I'm looking forward to their adorable mom, Laurie's, sweet comments about it! (She cries at the drop of a hat!) We also shot at Jennifer's house and downtown.

Here are a few of our absolute was REALLY hard to narrow it down! Be sure and give our friends some comment love! They're quite the gorgeous couple, huh?

Talk to you soon!

Look closely at this shot... how many feet do you see? Yay I made the blog! Well, at least my Toms did. :)


  1. Ahhh, Meredith's ex-work boyfriend. So cute! Congrats Shane!

  2. Good Lord ! You two are absolutely beautiful! Once again Dale & captured it! Amazing...cannot wait to see the rest!

  3. Beautiful images!
    Beautiful couple!

  4. You guys did an awesome job! We can't wait to see therest tonight!! You are the BEST!

  5. Yay for Shane and Jennifer!! And you're right...they are a gorgeous couple! Cannot wait for their wedding!!
    Congrats guys!!

  6. Thanks Dale and Meredith! You all are amazing photographers, but even better friends.

  7. All Oklahoma University guys are good looking like that, and they all have beautiful brides like that as well!



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