Sunday, August 23, 2009

Congrats to 7 more 2010 couples!!

Hey everybody!

Currently we have 15 weddings booked for 2010! We are only taking 20-25 weddings, so officially we only have 5 spots left! If you are recently engaged or know someone who is, send the our way quickly! We only take a select number of weddings so we can continue our insanely-quick 1 week turnaround time on wedding images! Yes, that's right. :)

I went through a booking spell recently and realized I don't have everybody on the blog yet! So, congrats to the following couples who are having 2010 weddings with Benfield Photography:

Rebekah Johnson and Caleb Bloyd - January 9 - this Bartlesville couple is planning a Little Rock wedding with us and also Jenessa Bailey! Whoop whoop!

Ashley Post and John Rausch- March 6 - I know, I know... this was supposed to be my Photography Convention in Vegas weekend. But if you would hear Ashley talk about how cool her wedding is going to be, you'd show up late too! Oh, another Jenessa wedding!

Marion Curtner and Clark Donat - April 10 - You should hear about all the cool ways Marion and Clark are incorporating tradition and family heirlooms into their wedding! The story is unreal! Also, we get to work with Jessica Kersey on this wedding, which will be a first for us. We're very excited!

Brooke Needham and Patrick Smith - May 1 - This couple is SUPER ARTSY! We met them recently for drinks in Little Rock and fell in INSTY-Love!

Brittany Lavy and Chase Priest - May 15 - Another FABULOUS wedding that will be perfected by J. Bailey Occasions. This one will definitely be super fancy!

Samantha Buckmaster and Alex Font- May 30 - While Meredith and I are in Memphis photographing Chelsea Rose and Seth Jewell's wedding, Lauren and Jessica will be photographing this wedding of a super fun couple! We're photographing their engagement session on bikes!

Cassie Schurman and Danny Ludwig - October 2 - I've known Cassie for years and years! As sometimes happens, she booked her photographer before anything else! I love that! Cassie is such a sweetie and I'm super excited to be photographing her wedding!

It's going to be a great year!
Talk to you soon,

And you've gone picture-less for days now... how about Rebekah and Caleb's save the date to tide you over!

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  1. these are some of the smartest poeople in the world to chose to work with you dale! lucky couples :)


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