Monday, August 24, 2009

Ellie's New 'Do

Hey everybody!

I think subconsciously Ellie is yearning to be one of our brides. Every week she likes to sit on my lap and have me show her the bride's pictures from the weekend before. And it's easy to see that the Southern Bump is strong and proud in our brides!

It is my firm belief that this lied at the very heart of her decision to have a bump. YES! You sorority girls and you southern brides who read this will be very VERY proud of my sweet Elizabeth. Even without the use of a bump-it, Meredith was able to rock a southern bump into being.

What is it they say... the bigger the bump, the closer to God? Yes, that's it. Enjoy a few pictures we just HAD to take!

Talk to you soon,

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Then, she wanted to shoot a couple "fun" ones...


  1. OH MY WORD! how adorable it that! She is gorgeous dale! SO pretty! You better get your camera stand ready to fight off those boys in the future haha

  2. OMG i LOVE IT!!!!!!! love it love it! please let ellie know that she is the cutest thing with a bump in the world!

    love her! dont bring her near me or i might steal her from you!

  3. Hahaha! Super cute. I love the last two, but especially the very last one.

  4. Is the last pic her "Bridezilla" face??? Oh, Ellie!

  5. She is adorable!!

    Trying to tweet this and have NO idea what I am doing.. Help?

  6. There's a little link above (but below the "you might also like" - it says: "Tweet this, you know you want to"

    Click it!

  7. Brooklynn loves the "bump" too! So fun and Ellie looks cute with one!


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