Friday, August 14, 2009

Maggie and Austin tie the knot: The Wedding Story!

Hey everybody!

As you may already know, Maggie and Austin had a gorgeous wedding this past Saturday at the Stone Chapel at Matt Lane Farm. It was an especially exciting day because Mere and I have grown to be quite close to this sweet little bride, Maggie! Her and Austin are truly great people it was so fun meeting their family and friends! It's funny that at one point Maggie noted that she had been planning for and dreaming of this wedding for so long that it was kind of weird that the day was actually here. That's exactly how I felt too! I remember when Maggie called me months and months and months ago to tell me Austin had asked her to marry him (she called me the same night)... it was almost surreal that the day was happening before my eyes.

The only downside to the wedding day is now I have to wait for little sister Kenna to get engaged before I get to spend more time with Doug and Diana and Maggie and Kenna! They are such a fun, sweet family! Okay, on with the story of the day...

Maggie and the girls started their day off at the gorgeous Pratt Place Inn.

I caught up with Austin and a few of the guys at The Inn at Carnall Hall.

This is a shot from their first meeting...I swear, Mere can make a beautiful portrait out of anything!!!

This was a sweet moment during their portrait session - laughing at my jokes, as usual... :)

A fun girly shot!

Meet Hannah....the A-dorable flower girl with an adorable accent to boot.

Kissie-kiss time!

I love this picture of Diana - She was SO happy because some guests (this one particularly) she hadn't seen in years and years.

As a saxophone player myself, I can really appreciate how talented this guy was! It was a very cool cocktail hour with him serenading the group.

A sweet first dance - with some great lighting! :)

Maggie and her daddy... Love these moments!

Time to GET DOWN!

Alpha love time... her girls serenaded her and Austin.

I love her reaction to catching the bouquet... so cute!

How do guys instinctively know to do this? Is it in our dna?!?!

Kenna and Daddy busting a move. The sprinkler was definitely my fave! Way to rock it Doug!

A fun way to end a fun night...

Meredith and I get a few weeks off from weddings. We're teaching the workshop this Saturday, as you know, and the following weekend we have a scheduled weekend off with our favorite wedding planner and friend Jenessa, and her husband Mark. Yay! This was a really great wedding to end on!

Love and miss y'all already!

Talk to you soon,


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