Monday, August 31, 2009

Mini-Vaca pictures!

Hey everybody!

Vacation, just one week ago, already seems like it was last year. We've already had lots more shoots, traveled to a couple different states, put another 1000 miles on my car, etc. For that reason, I treasure vacation that much more.

I'm a firm believer that vacation with friends is so much better (a small shout out to Bradley and Meridith - our international traveler bffs). So, the fact that Jenessa, our best friend/wedding planner and Mark asked us to accompany them to the lake was a godsend in the middle of wedding season.

Here are a few highlights from the trip that was filled with good food, good stories, and scorpion attack. Yikes.

Talk to you soon,

Me with the hottest girl there...

Oh, wait... this was the hottest girl there... ;)

Our buddy Rachel fighting off the sun's evil rays...

J-Bai rustling in the wind ;)

Of course we had to get a foot shot

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