Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Photographers: Try Before You Buy!

Hey everybody!

Non-photographers, take the night off. Or, scroll down for some fun stuff.

Photographers! If you have ever asked me about equipment, I've probably told you to Try Before You Buy. It is such a smart lesson. There's no reason to spend 2000 dollars on a lens you don't like working with. Or Camera body that doesn't suit your needs. Etc.

Another tip: Stir creativity by trying a new lens! Joe Photo does this all the time when in a creative rut. I've done it in many occasions. Check out the tilt-shift I used for the Blend workshop shoot and Kelli and Wes' wedding. I am not going to spend a ton on a lens that has a very unique use like a tilt-shift lens. Instead I just rented one and had fun with it!

Here is where I rent. They're efficient, have a great selection of toys, and are one of those companies with a really fun personality (I love those). If you're going to rent from them, make sure to click the picture below or this link b/c it tells them Benfield Photography sent ya!

Rent Camers, Lenses, Tripods, Lighting and more- BorrowLenses.com

Have fun!

Talk to you soon,

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